Brain Mapping Lab
 Brain  Mapping  Lab

Our research center possesses a broad experience in the study of brain function. Its activities provide both infrastructure and know-how services to the University community as well as to companies interested in the application of methodologies to explore brain activity. Brain Mapping Lab is part of the Comunidad de Madrid laboratories network (RedLab Madrid).


The research unit uses techniques such as electroencephalography in humans and molecular imaging microPET tecniques in animals.  In the EEG lab we are interested in exploring the neural and behavioral mechanisms that underlay perceptual, memory or inhibitory processes with a especial focus on high level language functions and their interaction with affective variables.


The molecular imaging PET lab focuses in developing pre-clinical PET/CT imaging tools in numerous applications including: metabolic consumption imaging, physiology and functional neuroimaging and the development of new tracers for imaging.


Our Brain Mapping center holds an R&D agreement with Curium Pharma Spain, which focuses on the realease of new radiopharmaceuticals for PET machines and in innovative procedures for medical diagnosis in line with the latest scientific developments in the field.

MicroPET  Lab

EEG  Lab

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