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The CAI of Brain Mapping is integrated with the Pluridisciplinary Research Institute of the Complutense University of Madrid (decree 97/1997 of 31 July, published BOCAM on 11 August 1997).  Its fundamental objectives are:


·     To develop independent lines of scientific research


·    To contribute to the scientific and technical development of the Complutense University of Madrid by developing researchers and participating in tertiary stage programs as well as programs outside of the Institute.


·  To advise and collaborate on scientific and technical projects within the University Community and within research communities both within Madrid and farther a field. These collaborations may include contracts with public and/or private research centers.

Prof.Dr. Miguel Ángel Pozo

Brain Mapping Unit Director

Dra.Mercedes Delgado 

Senior Research in Brain Mapping Unit

Dr. Luis García Garcia

Faculty of Pharmacy


Rubén Fernández de la Rosa

Laboratory technician in Brain Mapping Lab




Francisca Gómez Oliver      

Faculty of Pharmacy





Francisca Pacheco    




Nira Hernandez Martín

PhD Student



Guillermo Santamaria Corral

Research assistant



María Gómez Martínez

Research assistant

Preclinical imaging and chemical synthesis laboratories are located in the Instituto Pluridisciplinar of the UCM. Closed to this building is located the Instituto Tecnológico PET SA (ITP), the first company in Spain dedicated to the production of PET radiotracers and R&D in PET technology. The ITP has all the necessary equipment of advanced technology including cyclotron 18 MeV by IBA and synthesis for the production of a wide variety of PET tracers such as 18F-FDG, 18FMPPF, 18F-MISO, 18F-FLT. From a long time, The Instituto Pluridisicplinar has a close relationship with the ITP (formerly Centro Complutense PET), according to the agreement of collaboration in research between this Center and the Complutense University of Madrid (1993 and renovated in 2006).


The pre-clinical imaging laboratory is a Research Support Centre (CAI) of the University Complutense of Madrid ( which is part of the Instituto Pluridisciplinar as a transverse pre-clinical imaging PET unit. Molecular imaging laboratory has all the infrastructure and staff required for the development of the requested project. In addition, it has ISO9001 quality certification (AENOR) for the activities of molecular imaging. This facility has also a second category radioactive installation, which includes a small animall PET/CT scanner (Albira ARS, Oncovision, Valencia, Spain) and all the workstation and software needed for the analysis of image, multimodal fusion and 3D representation. Besides to this specialized equipment, the building includes laboratories of Pharmacology, Electrophysiology and animal house. The latter is supported by the Central UCM Animal Facility.

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